Your Stories

I only knew a part of Tatiana’s life.  I would love to know more about her.

If you knew her, you can post a story about her.  This way, we can all piece together a bigger picture of her life.

(Note: the comments are moderated here to prevent trolls from defacing this page.  Once a story is approved, it will be added to this page.

2 Replies to “Your Stories”

  1. I met Tatiana at the same time that Mark met her – the Oklahoma Renaissance Fair I had the good fortune to be able to photograph her in her various faire roles prior to her death, and I can say without a doubt, that I was blessed to have had that opportunity.

  2. I am lucky to have known Tati for the short time I did, she’s beautiful inside & out.

    Thank you Mark for sharing your story and reminding us that everyday is special.

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